Dyna Appolon is the founder of a Global Self-Image Branding Consulting which is based on a unique concept of embracing, transforming, promoting, and leveraging “Individualism” to a win-win lifestyle.


I have a burning passion to empower women celebrating their self-image and help them understand the power of their own unique core identity values; and how it can be used as a Winning Brand that generates 7 figure income.


My self-image Branding consultant service specializing in providing virtual one-on-one coaching and online courses to my clients which help them transform & turn their Self-Image into an Instant Brand that generates 6-7 Figure income within weeks. 

I believe that the culture of a brand is the main factor that separates a good brand from a awesome winning brand. In my brand culture, I aim to produce and deliver the most Exquisite VIP Styling Concierge & Coaching Services to each of my client without holding back or using shortcuts.  

In a team setting, I value transparent and open communication, trust, creativity, collaboration, high level of productivity, flexibility, life balance, constructive feedback, Perks & Rewards, and a healthy & fun working environment.

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